Dave and Neta Jackson has touch my heart again. Penny Wise, Windy City Neighbors Series is one of those book that hit home with me. The Jaspers is a Christian family striving to survive everyday life with raising three teenagers in Chicago. Michelle Jasper, the work-outside-the-home mother, women’s fellowship leader, and wife to a deacon in their church can be quite much.

The heart of this book resounds trusting God with our family. It also shows how much God cares for us regarding the little things in our lives.

Penny Wise is a book that will bring hope, courage, strength and a greater sense that God cares about the seemingly insignificant areas of our lives. When Michelle begins to “prove” her God by asking Him to bring pennies to her to prove that He would provide for her family, it brought back a time in my life where I actually did the same thing. He’s a faithful God!

If you need encouragement, a touch of suspense and just a well-rounded good read of learning how to trust a faithful God, then Penny Wise is the next book for you in the Windy City Neighbors Series.

*All opinions expressed are my own.*

Sandra W Titus