Beautiful Me2Many of today’s women struggle with seeing themselves as beautiful. But who ever set a specific standard to beauty? Who ever set in stone that you have to look this way, have that shape, or wear those clothes to be considered beautiful? Who ever said that true beauty is all about what meets the eye? It’s all an unncessary pressure women place upon themselves and because of it, many are blind to the breathtaking beauty they possess inside.

In this book, LaKeisha Rainey-Collins seeks to boost the confidence of God’s daughters by redirecting their attention to their God-given beauty within. For 21 days, which is noted as the amount of time if takes to form a habit, LaKeisha is introducing women to the power of daily affirmation and prayer. Each day of affirmation speaks into the life of the reader and makes her aware of the beauty God placed within and upon her as he crafted her innermost parts. This book encourages its reader to not only know that she is “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14), but to believe that no matter what she look like, what she’s done, or where she’s been, there is an undeniable beauty woven into her divine makeup.


In anticipation of the release of this devotional by an anointed woman of God, LaKeisha Rainey-Collins, my expectations were not disappointed.

LaKeisha speaks and writes from her heart and experience of feeling inadequate. In reading just a few pages, the words penned are words to encourage, uplift and truly bless and show the love of God for His daughters.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading the devotional more than once. There are “favorites” where I’ve personalized and mediate upon often.

If you are a woman who needs encouraging through God’s word, then Beautiful Me – 21 Days to Embracing Your Beauty Within is a great read!

*All opinions expressed are my own.*

Sandra W. Titus